Beautiful things are built in time, with patience and passion. We put our heart and soul into everything we do, choose quality and outstanding experiences. Starting from 5pm we await your visit to the Chios Social Lounge terrace! Are you drawn to magic?
Let it carry you along!


We wish that every CHIOS visit gives birth to a Unique Experience. That is why, we make sure about creating a space in which each client meets his inner self once he steps into the Chios realm and, why not, it becomes the place you can escape to, you with your own self. When have you last felt that you met yourself?








In the center of all our actions is the HUMAN BEING, through all of its dimensions: Biological/Psychological/Spiritual. Once a person enters the realm of CHIOS, we make sure through all our values that he or she will live a DIFFERENT experience.

MINDFULNESS EATING – In our vision, for a healthy lifestyle it is of equal importance, WHAT we eat, but also HOW we eat and of course we don’t mean cutlery and good manners. We are very careful starting with the quality of the dishes and the ingredients used for them, but also about all the elements, to the smallest details. Why? Because together, all of these, create that mindfulness eating experience – a new and freshly arrived concept in Romania, that defines a state of complete awareness of each served meal and more, of each bite. Applying the concept of mindfulness eating actually means self-discipline towards eating right (quality and tasty food), in the right amount (by being present and fully immersed, we are immediately aware of the state of fullness) and the right way (savoring, being 100% present).

OUR STAFF – The staff has a very important role, being our clients guide through the “journey” of our story, that is why we have set up quite a few HORECA meetings (the entirety of equipment, products and services used in the food services industry) for them. We deemed necessary that each CHIOS partner ensures specialized training for each product. Why? Because we appreciate the story, value authenticity and choose quality above quantity.

QUALITY – The HONEST kitchen is is the main element of the project, the authentic dishes being our calling card. We have developed this concept together with our gastronomy consultant, István Deák and executive chef CHIOS Alex Tarhat. They have created a special menu, went the route of natural and healthy ingredients found in local suppliers and producers. Where the romanian market can’t answer our needs, we call on to imports from other countries. Another important aspect is that we smoke, in-house, certain elements with cherry wood and apple and replace the sugar with honey or molasses. We have our own coffee, and everything that is bread, pasta and other derived products are made in-house, not just with our own producer’s flour, but with a lot of passion for cooking and care for the people that walk through our door.

TRANSPARENCY – The large windows separating the kitchen from the restaurant are proof that we have nothing to hide from our clients. Anyone that walks through our door can clearly see the clean and professional way our kitchen works. At the same time, it is a pleasure to see how a team coordinates so harmoniously. Have you looked through our kitchen window?


The Chios history is closely linked to that of the Great Park or Central Park „Simion Bărnuţiu”, as it was named after 1989, being over 180 years old and one of the first city parks in Central Europe.
The park is one of the main green areas of Cluj-Napoca’s center representing the ideal place for relaxation and refuge from the crowd and fuss of the city, bordered by Cluj Arena in the west, The State Magyar Theater in the east, the Someșul Mic river in the north and the Iuliu Hossu street (formerly Pavlov) in the south.
The history of the park begins in 1827, when the Women’s Charity Association (Jóltevő Asszonyi Egyesület) leased the (then undeveloped) land, for establishing a place of recreation. In the 1st of May 1838 the City Commission for the Park was established and took over the activity from the Women’s Charity Association. The park was open to the public at the beginning of the 1830s, initially named Népkert (People’s Garden), and 40 years later the lake in the middle of the park was built. But the buildings of the park were built at the end of the century, in 1897, from a project of the Cluj native architect Pakey Lajos, to which we owe one of Cluj’s landmarks, the Continental hotel – or as it was called then, New York.
Back to the park, Pakey designed the Skating Pavilion, presently Chios Social Lounge, the Kiosk (or Casino) and the Fountain behind the Kiosk (towards the Skating Pavilion). The whole assembly is built in an eclectic style, a very fashionable style towards the end of the 19thcentury and the beginning of the 20th, a period in which a big part of Cluj’s architecture was developed, that we also have standing today. It is classified as a historic monument of the Cluj county, a record developed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Romania in 2010.
he CHIOS buildings and the terraces, along with their gardens have been renovated between october 2015 and june 2016. The CHIOS building design, in the heart of Clujului, is interpreted neoclassical. Inspired by the ancient roman and greek styles, they are based on order and harmony. The facade elements (windows, window frames) are repetitive, and the valuable architecture is one of the main drawing points of the entire site.
The main wish was creating a pleasant ambiance, without a specific target audience. Therefore, anyone who steps inside feels in their own element, percieving it as familiar. The ideea being the warm-cool contrast (wood-marble) and handmade natural elements. Restaurants in Barcelona was the base of inspiration for the overall look of the CHIOS grounds. Positioned in the middle of Nature, inside the restaurant you can find in every corner elements that connect with the park outside (plants, wooden furniture, Onix sinks). The ventilation system of the restaurant is top of the line and offers each guest the ability to set it for their own liking. There are six individual lighting systems, that can change the shades of the cieling depending on the area. For the finishing touches, the walls were tiled using stone collumns from Croatia. Each bathroom is differentiated by its own unique design. For this we used Marmurezia, and the sinks were carved out of Onix blocks. The arches were cut from blocks of Kanfanar Blu stone. The same type of stone was used for the stairs and the fireplace (stone and mirrors). As soon as you enter, the Mosaic flooring and the Ceramic Parquet combined with pieces of marble stand out. For the cieling we opted for natural wood and oak pannels.
An interior and exterior design that harmonizes perfectly with the park, with Nature in general to create, for each visit you will undertake, a unique experience, of relaxation and reconnection with one’s self, right in the heart of the city!


CHIOS, who’s name we bare with honor, is a greek island in the Aegeean Sea, 7 km off the Anatolian coast dubbed „Scented Island” – because of the uniquely diverse colored flowers, that grow everywhere. What brings it authenticity is the mastic tree, that only grows on this island, in an area called „The Mastic Villages”. The opaque rasin of this tree has strong healing properties. Although we do not wish to relocate the CHIOS island to Cluj, we are intent on creating our own relaxation oasis, auspicious to finding one’s self, in the middle of the city! The fresh air, nature, flowers, park, lake, all of them contribute to the ideea of our concept and we belive that not by chance, the CHIOS in Cluj has, as well, the shape of an island.

The legend also says, that the greek island CHIOS is the birthplace of black wine, one of the finest wines of the ancient civilized world, a distinction kept for over seven centuries (sec V B.C. – sec II-III A.D.). The Chian wine was a status symbol in high society, conveying to its drinker the obvoius status of a disinguished and rich life. Furthermore, the invention of the wine’s production process is attributed to the mythical king of CHIOS Island, Enopion, son of Ariadna and the greek god Dionisos. In his turn, the name of king Enopion is translated, from ancient greek, as „wine drinker” or „wine faced”. We, at the Cluj CHIOS bring to you, along side the black wines, a wide variety of white and rosé wines, because, one of our convictions is that each character has its own wine!

But what gives, in our times, the greek island of Chios even more authenticity and mistery, and for us is a strong source of inspiration is a tradition that dates for more than a century. According to custom, each year on Easter Eve between the parishes of two orthodox chuches on the island, in the city of Vrontado, takes place a Fireworks War. Each of the two „rival” sides, implicated in maintaining this uique and spectacular tradition, make their preparations for months, handcrafting the fireworks at home. They will be launched all night and target the bell tower of the other comunity’s church. The police do not condone this tradition, but the locals care for it very deeply and think it should not inspire fear, but respect! The main concern is that noone gets hurt and no home gets damaged, and starting 7 a.m. the next morning everything goes back to normal, tranquillity setting down on the magical greek island for one more year. Although none of the sides are willing to admit defeat in the Fireworks War, in the end it is agreed upon that the winner will be determined next year.


Simion Bărnuţiu Central Park – 400027 Cluj-Napoca
+40 753 059 361